Rose Island

An idealistic engineer builds his own island off the coast of Italy and declares it a nation, attracting the attention of the world – and the government.

The movie, titled Rose Island, is based on a true Italian story.

December 11 2020
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Rose Island

di Ilaria Verunelli

An Italian engineer, Giorgio Rosa, builds an island just outside the territorial waters of Italy, to avoid legal jurisdiction. He calls it the Republic of Rose Island.

The island has its own language, Esperanto, a currency, the Mill, and a postal system.

Giorgio Rosa declares its independence on May 1st, 1968. He wants the island to be recognized as a nation, but it is not an easy project.

The Esperanta Respubliko de la Insulo de la Rozoj is the Italian Utopia, an island governed by rules that are better than those created by bureaucracy and, as such, hated by bureaucrats. The movie is a narration in the tradition of writers such as Thomas More and Tommaso Campanella

It is a love story, too. The one between Giorgio and Gabriella.

However, Rose Island is different, in some respects, from Thomas More’s Utopia or Tommaso Campanella’s Città del Sole. 

Rose Island is based on a true Italian story. It really existed in the Adriatic Sea. It was a platform of 400 square meters, built on 9 pylons 6.8 miles off the Rimini coast and just 500 meters outside Italian territorial waters.

In summer, the motor vessel Asso di Cuori (Ace of Hearts), was departing from Rimini beach, with dozens of people on board, to visit this curious engineering product.

The echo reached the rooms of Italian politics and Rose Island became the topic of several Parliamentary Questions.

Citazione obbligatoria: Foto Davide Minghini ©Archivio Fotografico Biblioteca civica Gambalunga, Rimini

The movie is available on Netflix in English.

Directed by Sydney Sibilia

Produced by Matteo Rovere

Written by Sydney Sibilia and Francesca Manieri

Cast: Elio Germano, Matilda De Angelis, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Luca Zingaretti, Tom Wlaschiha and more

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