• Nature

    Mia Canestrini, “La Ragazza dei Lupi”

    She studied and wrote a lot about wolves. Her first book, La Ragazza dei lupi, is an autobiography that became a bestseller on Amazon. She created the program Beauty and the Beasts for Radio 105, for which she is the anchor woman. Mia Canestrini has numerous collaborations, from Smemoranda, to the program Il Provinciale, broadcasted by Rai Due. And there are many more: from the National Geographic to the Touring Club, from Rai Uno to Rai Tre, just to mention a few. Canestrini is specialized in the conservation of animal biodiversity, and she is the coordinator for the monitoring of the wolves, a national program lead by the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, ISPRA, (Instituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale).

  • Italian language

    Nicola Gardini, talking with the ancients

    Nicola Gardini is a professor of Italian and Comparative Literature at the University of Oxford and Fellow of Keble College. As a distinguished Latinist, he is a teacher, writer, and painter. Immediately after graduating with a focus in classical studies, he moved to the United States and became a visiting professor at New York University (NYU) in Florence and at Columbia University in New York.

    “Italy has this beauty: it is a multilingual country, where Italian as a norm, has slowly spread. Up to advent of radio and television, it is not yet possible to speak of a common Italian. In my opinion, this is a feature of the great Italian irony: the awareness that there is always another language.”

    (Image credits: @Mauro Balletti)

    Here you find my interview.

  • Books

    Gemma Trevisani, the art of publishing

    Since November she is the Head of Italian Fiction for Rizzoli Libri, one of the most important Italian publishing houses.  For more than a decade, Gemma Trevisani has been working as an editor, the most beautiful job in the world, according to her.  “I think that the paper book will never disappear. It is and it will remain a smart object. It is something you cannot break. It never runs out of juice”. 

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  • Sport

    Simone Barlaam, the magic of the water

    He is the rising star of the Italian para swimming team. Simone Barlaam is just 20 and he is already seven times world champion. The 2020 World Para Swimming European Open Championships have just ended. From the Complexo de Ponteada in Funchal, Portugal, Simone Barlaam took home  4 gold medals and a world record in the 100m freestyle.

    Next appointment, at the end August, in Tokyo, where the Paralympic games will be held.

    (Image credits: @Augusto Bizzi)

  • Books

    Antonio Dini, a grower of tech awareness

    Italian journalist Antonio Dini spent most of his time flying to the US to discover the last newborn in the cradle of IT, Silicon Valley. He met small entrepreneurs and the richest men in the world, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  He writes about technology for numerous media outlets, including Il Sole 24 Ore. In his spare time, he cultivates his digital garden: a blog where he makes people aware of what he discovers by traveling through the net and through the skies.

    You can read my interview here. 

  • Television

    The 20 best ever questions of Italian quiz shows

    Ferdinando Sallustio participated to 8 different Italian quiz shows: Lascia o raddoppia? with Magalli and Gambarotta; Babilonia and Novantatre with Umberto Smaila; Giorno dopo giorno with Baudo, (super champion, with Alessandra Versienti); Quiz show with Amadeus; Passaparola with Gerry Scotti (super champion); Avanti un altro! with Bonolis and Caduta libera with Gerry Scotti. He selected for my blog the 20 most beautiful questions (according to him) in the history of Italian quiz show.



  • Music

    Francesco Filidei, the Italian composer who revived opera

    He is considered one of the most significant Italian composers of our time. His award-winning music has been performed by world-class orchestras. In 2016 he was named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.

    Here you find my interview.

  • Italy in figures

    Financial literacy in Italy

    According to a paper of the Bank of Italy, Italian adults still lag behind their international counterparts when it comes to financial literacy. The survey was conducted at the beginning of 2020 on a sample of 2,000 adults with an age ranging from 18 to 79.

  • Italy in figures

    Corporate world: who is smarterly working?

    An analysis of the Bank of Italy evidences a strong increase in the adoption of smart working in Italy. Companies which adopted it increased from  28.7 % in 2019 to 82.3% in 2020.