About me:
Ilaria Verunelli

I am a communication and marketing professional with 15+ years experience. I’ve mainly worked for the media industry and for Italian SMEs willing to export their engineering products in the US.

Italian mosaic was born at the crossroads of these two experiences as a many-coloured project of promotion of Italian culture abroad.

It all started in 2002 when a local newspaper, La Nazione, hired me as a collaborator. I had just turned 20. Since then, I’ve worked for newspapers, online newsrooms, magazines, TV shows. I’ve collaborated with brands such as Il Sole 24 Ore, Vanity Fair, Rapid Product Development, La Voce Italiana, Endemol Italia (you can read some examples here). 

Outside the media world, I have helped Italian companies to promote their products and services, both nationally and internationally. I lived 7 years in the United States where I assisted Italian companies to market Made in Italy products on the US market. In this role, I managed the organization of events and trade shows, with relative budgets, and the promotion of Made in Italy technology through multiple channels, online and offline. 

I have strong writing skills, both in Italian and English, and excellent project management skills. 

A divorced women, I currently live in Milan with my dog, Breanna.


When I graduated from college  I sent a copy of my thesis on the history of Italian quiz shows  to Ferdinando Sallustio, who had participated to several TV programs and who I had interviewed. Surprisingly, he told me: “I want to write a book on this topic. Let’s propose it to Bompiani”. “Un popolo di concorrenti: cinquant’anni di storia d’Italia attraverso i telequiz” was published by Bompiani in 2008. I was 26 and I became one of the collaborators of the publication.


Executive Master in International Marketing and Sales

(start date May 2021)

Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies, 2003. Grade: 110/110 with honors

Master of Arts in Communication and Media Studies, 2006. Grade: 110/110 with honors

Bachelor in International Economics, Management and Finance (2 years of undergraduate studies, not completed yet!)


National Association of Italian Journalists (I am currently non active)

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