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    Mia Canestrini, “La Ragazza dei Lupi”

    She studied and wrote a lot about wolves. Her first book, La Ragazza dei lupi, is an autobiography that became a bestseller on Amazon. She created the program Beauty and the Beasts for Radio 105, for which she is the anchor woman. Mia Canestrini has numerous collaborations, from Smemoranda, to the program Il Provinciale, broadcasted by Rai Due. And there are many more: from the National Geographic to the Touring Club, from Rai Uno to Rai Tre, just to mention a few. Canestrini is specialized in the conservation of animal biodiversity, and she is the coordinator for the monitoring of the wolves, a national program lead by the Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, ISPRA, (Instituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale).