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Big data


Often communication strategy and numbers and statistics are thought of as two different entities. However statistics and big data are extremely important to communication and marketing departments when they are creating their strategy to reach a target audience. While likes and impressions are great for analyzing marketing tactics big data can give bigger insight that goes beyond just seeing how many followers a campaign got them. These quantifiable metrics can lead to greater insight into the user experiences and how to achieve company goals.

Understanding The Customer

Big data is helping companies to better understand their customer by seeing what they search, why they are searching, what do they look for the most, etc. By taking a look at this data, companies can then recommend certain products to certain customers based on their buying habits and activity. This in turn provides a better customer experience. In addition when companies understand their customer they can target their adds better to reach the audiences that are interested the most in their products.

Predicting Trends

Businesses can use the data that they collect to their advantage by harnessing it to predict the future of the market. The numbers show what time of year customers are responding the most to a business or product, what time of day, and even the weather. By harnessing and analyzing this data a business can create a more effective marketing and advertising plan by seeing buying trends and what season they should be pushing out advertisements.

Show Gaps In A Business Plan

Data is a great thing to look at when a business doesn’t understand why they are not hitting sales or reaching the target market that they are looking for. Data can show how long people are on websites, where they are clicking on websites, and ultimately what their eyes are drawn when they first come on the page. In addition, the same can be done with adds and even customer spending habits at a grocery store. For example, a customer is more inclined to grab something off a shelf if it is in the outer aisles or at the front of an aisle, rather than if they have to go into the aisle to search for it. Seeing which aisles are most frequented, what sales and logo signs customers are most attracted to, and even down to the size and shape of the product can help businesses better edit their strategies. A business can shape their plan around these statistics and ultimately see better sales by analyzing the data that is already put out their everyday by their customers.

Big data is very effective for communication strategists and business marketers to use and harness. By seeing the data that is put out by customers everyday on social media, websites, and in stores marketers and communication strategist no longer have to play a guessing game to get into clients heads. Now they have all the data right in front of them, ready to be analyzed and used so a business can be at the top of their market.